pre programm EDN Meeting

Optional Bonus Pre-EDN-Meeting Day Trip on Thursday 20th September:

For anyone interested in visiting the magical space where the Austrian doulas train with Angelika Rodler in her hidden round house ‚Elysia‘ in Styria, please register your interest with Bex:
Take a slow train through the picturesque Austrian countryside on Thursday 20th September in the late morning or lunchtime from Wien Hauptbahnhof to Fürstenfeld (2h 45m with one change, book early for cheaper tickets).
Or if you prefer traveling by car – 1h 30m from Vienna – let us know if you can offer space in your car for others.
We will organise collection from the train station (just a few minutes away from Angelika) then you are free to spend the afternoon discovering the beauty of Elysia with the potential option of an evening at the Hundertwasser – Blumau Spa and Thermal Baths, a meal in local restaurant or order food to eat in, all wonderful ways to connect, reconnect, hang out and absorb the doula vibes!
Return to Vienna on Friday 21st September in the morning (train 08:55-11:35) with enough time to arrive at the EDN-Meeting before registration starts.